Terms and Conditions:

1) Farmgrow app is meant only for online guidance and support to the farmers. It is individual Farmer's decision whether to follow guidelines or not.

2) Farmgrow will not be responsible for any damage/loss/injury caused to the crop (or personnel) by using suggested treatment.

3) Although we suggest products of many companies, we do not take any responsibility for non-performance of the products.

4) We take utmost care to provide as much accurate information as possible to our farmers. But, due to various types of soils, climatic conditions, crop types, varieties , etc. Farmgrow does not guarantee accuracy of the solutions provided.

5) Subscribers are not allowed to copy, modify and reproduce the information and photo/videos on Farmgrow website/app. All this material is subject to copyright.

6) Farmgrow does not sell the products which are regulated by law (such as alcohol, guns, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, etc.)

User Privacy Policy

We never sell/expose the data of our farmers for any commercial or private reasons. All the data are safe with us.